The easiest way to reduce energy consumption is not only to use high-efficiency electric devices, but is to convince people to change their habits.

Have access to data on the consumption of energy is a push towards the awareness of how our lifestyles affect resource use. According to a study by the Environmental Defense Fund and Opower company, United States of America users that have available hourly electricity consumption data can lower their energy needs up to 2.9% in just the first year.

Based on these considerations born the Zeus-K idea, that is, a device that can measure and store (Watts) load consumption data minute by minute and make them easily accessible.
A tool like Zeus-K, can store consumption in every instant, allows you to understand what is the use of energy throughout the day, enabling you to verify your listing depending on the consumption of connected appliances. This feature makes it suitable for estimating the standby appliances and check for any abnormal consumptions.
After the liberalization of the market, you can choose your own electric supplier according to the rates and periods of use. The market offers a wide range of profiles according to the pattern of consumption, but it is not always easy to figure out what is the best deal for your needs. Zeus-K allows to give a valuable support to consumer choice and verify the correct profile.
In addition to the optimization of consumption based on the chosen profile, verify the anomalies and the consumption of the devices on standby, Zeus-K is a tool that allows you to figure out if the electrical plant have a power factor corrected or it’s within the limit that do not involve economic burdens. In fact, for some time, suppliers of electricity provided for penalties in case the reactive power absorbed by the electrical plant exceed certain thresholds.
Zeus-K allows you to measure the power factor of the system, be aware of electrical energy consumption and to adapt our behaviour in order to reduce the energy bill.