All ZeusLog family products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy by Teypra.

Teypra is an Italian startup company that specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative electronic devices. Teypra has established a strong and motivated team able to work with customers around the world in a unique and successful.

TeyPra is the union of two words of the ancient greek "Teyco" which means creating and "Pragma" meaning things, objects. It's what it sets out to do TeyPra; create new objects, innovative, which were not there before.

The research and development (R & D) is the company heart  and the highest added value, thanks to a balanced mix of well-trained technicians and experienced staff with different skills. The R & D team of Teypra is a motivated team of highly qualified engineers and capable personnel with expertise in hardware, firmware and software.

The Teypra engineers are in constant contact with leading Italian Universities for updates on the latest technologies and technical solutions.

For more information, or ideas that you want to share with us, please feel free to contact Teypra team. 


Teypra srl
Via del lavoro 4
35040 Boara Pisani (PD) - Italy
web site:
Tel.: +39 0425 1666215
Fax.: +39 0425 1661139
C.F. e P.I. IT01456780293
Capitale Sociale € 10.200,00 i.v.
Iscritta con N. IT01456780293 al CCIAA Rovigo N. Rea 158471