Zeus Din PV is a network analyzer for single-phase electrical systems connected to a photovoltaic system that integrates the logging capabilities of the monitored variables. It's able to observe and record various electrical quantities which characterize the electrical system on which it is installed. The constantly controlled values ​​are the following:

  • Active power and energy produced, consumed and exchanged (including sign);
  • Reactive Power and Energy produced, consumed and exchanged (including sign);ZeusDin PV 300x600
  • RMS Voltage;
  • RMS Current produced, consumed and exchanged (including sign);

Zeus Din PV is equipped with 2 different types of interfaces in order to communicate: it is equipped with one USB and one Ethernet. The USB mass storage interface allows implementation of the basic configurations and the download the data stored for analysis off-line with dedicated software, while the Ethernet interface allows using the integrated Web Server to configure the device and to monitor the electrical variables in real time mode and it's possible to verify in a timely manner any actions taken on the electrical system.

Zeus Din PV is designed to be installed on DIN rail, inside electrical control panels. Its extreme compactness, equal to one Din module, make it extremely versatile and able to be used in any electrical panel which present confined spaces. The electrical wiring needs are the connection of the power  supply, as well as the installation of two CTs (current transformers supplied )  for the current measurements.

Datasheet Zeus Din PV Home Standard KitPDF download

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