The Easy Connect feature allows you to connect remotely to the device, without having to provide any particular configuration on the firewall / router for Internet access.

This way you can use the device connected directly to the customer network, providing access to the device at any time and from any Internet location and not causing the normal inconveniences due to the requests made to the network systems engineer to publish our web device. These requests lead to a lengthening of the commissioning time.

In the case of an internet connection with a 3G router, lately the mobile operators do not assign a public IP address to the interface of our device, but a private IP address. As a result of this policy, any intervention on the local router to publish an internal service is vain. We must therefore ask the operator to get to do this, or to change the type of contract, in both cases you will need an upgrade of the contract.

With Easy Connect, these limitations are removed because it is the same device that seeing an active internet connection opens up a secure connection to the outside allowing its reachability without other configurations.

Once the device is correctly configured from the point of view of the network and is able to surf the Internet, to interrogate remotely it is enough to remember the serial number. This identifier is composed of 8 characters (letters and numbers) and uniquely qualifies your device.

To reach the device from the Internet, open a web browser and type in the address bar the following string: